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     Congratulations to our EMT Students on their outstanding performance at the practical testing. They represented the District well. Written test and clinical time left to do.

     Back Row: Joshua Enrico, Michael Squibb, Steve Rhodes (Instructor), Roy Elizondo, Brent Waters, Loren Anderson, and De Enrico (Instructor)

    Second Row Front: Bryan Walker, Devin Clagg, Andi Kay and Billy Peterson.

    The mission of the Wilder Quick Response Unit (Fire/Rescue) is to provide the members of our district, and those passing through or visiting, the highest level of prehospital patient care possible in their time of need.

    Our vision is to continue to focus on the ever changing prehospital care needs of the district by continually upgrading our equipment and through ongoing education of our EMT's, First Responders and Firefighters on the newest techniques and advances in prehospital emergency care.