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    This truck has a rather unique history. On Easter morning 1965, the Wilder Fire Station was completely destroyed by fire. During the fire, the station doors suddenly burst open, and this truck came lumbering out of the burning building. It then cameto a stop in the middle of the street in front of the station. The heat of the fire had caused thebattery cables to the starter to short out and the starter to engage. The truck stopped when the battery cables burned in two. Chief Glenn Osborn (1953-1956, 1961-1995) decided to utilize the insurance money to rebuild the truck. This truck was put back in service in 1966 and still serves the residents of Wilder Rural Fire Protection District as a fully operational pumper truck. The district is currently in the process of restoring this truck into like-new condition. The other unit in service at the time of the fire, a 1963 Ford truck/tender with a 1,000 gallon tank, was damaged beyond repair.