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    Unit number 802 is a 1959 American LaFrance pumper built on a 1959 International chassis. This was
    the first brand new pumper truck purchased by Wilder Rural Fire Protection District. This truck is
    powered by a 549 cubic inch V8 gasoline engine and has a 5 speed manual “square geared” non-     synchronized transmission with a 2 speed rear end.


    Unit number 801 is a 1965 American LaFrance pumper built on a 1965 Ford F-850 Super Duty chassis. This truck was originally ordered by an insurance company in Twin Falls, Idaho. After all of Wilder Fire’s equipment was destroyed by fire on Easter morning 1965, this truck was offered to Wilder to help the district get back in service. This pumper truck continued as Wilder’s first out pumper truck until 1990 when the district updated to a newer truck; however, this truck still serves in fully operational capacity.


    This is Unit #841. It is our QRU (Quick Response Unit) Rescue. It was built by Central States Fire Apparatus, LLC of Lyons South Dakota on a 2003 Ford F-550 Super Duty, 4X4 chassis. This unit responds to all medical calls, trauma calls, and traffic accidents with in our fire district. 841 is fully equipped for vehicle extrication including the "Jaws of Life". We were the first volunteer organization in south west Idaho to be equipped for heavy extrication.


    Unit 804 is a 1978 American LaFrance pumper on an American LaFrance frame. It is powered by an inline 6 cylinder Detroit Diesel and an Alison Automatic transmission, and has a 1,500 gallon per minute fire pump. This truck was originally purchased by a fire agency in New York State. Wilder Rural Fire Protection District purchased this truck in 1990 for $50,000.00. The engine had been recently rebuilt, and the pump had been refurbished. The original 500 gallon stainless steel tank was expanded to 950 gallon before the truck was purchased. This was the first truck purchased by the district since 1965. At time of purchase, 804 became our “first out” pumper and remained the “first out” pumper until the purchase of 805 in 2001.


    Unit number 805 is a 2001 BME (Boise Mobile Equipment, Boise, Idaho) pumper built on a HME chassis. This truck is powered by a 330 Cummins 6 cylinder with an Alison automatic transmission and a 1,000 gallon per minute pump. This truck has a 6 man air conditioned cab. The district paid $225,000.00 for this truck. It is the first new pumper the district has purchased since 1965. Unit 805 is our “first out” truck for most of our fire calls.


    Unit #825 is a 1997 3,000 gallon fire tender built by S&S Fire Apparatus of Fairmount, Indiana. It was built on a 1997 Ford Louisville chassis and is powered by a 330 Cummins engine and an Alison automatic transmission. This was the first new truck purchased by Wilder Rural Fire Protection District since 1965. Previous to the purchase of this truck, the district used 2 military surplus, Korean War era trucks with a 1,000 gallon tank on each of the trucks for tenders. These trucks were very slow, difficult to maneuver, and were not dependable.


    Unit #861 is our light brush truck. It is equipped with a 250 gallon poly tank with a gasoline powered water pump with a foam injector mounted on a skid plate. This unit is built by BME (Boise Mobile Equipment) of Boise, Idaho and was purchased through L.N. Curtis and Sons of Salt Lake City, Utah. The skid plate is mounted in the bed of a 2003 GMC 2500HD Duramax Diesel pickup. This unit allows us a quick response to small field fires, grass fires, car fires, and other small fires. 861 also serves as our command vehicle.