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     Truck 83, “BIG BLUE” is a 1994 KME AerialCat platform truck. It was purchased from the Irwin Volunteer Fire Department, Irwin, PA. in June 2014. It has a fully enclosed 6 man, air conditioned cab with SCBA seating for 5. This truck is powered by a 450hp 8V92 Detroit Diesel with an Allison automatic transmission. This truck has a 3 stage, 102 foot ladder mounted platform with 2 pre-piped master streams. It has a 1500 gallon per minute pump and 200 gallons of water. With the design of the ladder, this truck is capable of elevated fire suppression, as well as above and below grade rescue. It carries numerous ground, roof and attic ladders totaling over 100 feet. It has a 6KW Onan generator that operates multiple scene lights and outlets. This truck is equipped numerous different forcible entry, rescue and extrication tools capable of tackling any situation that should arise. With the growing number of commercial buildings being built and the construction of even larger agricultural buildings within our own and surrounding fire districts, Truck 83 will be a great asset to western Canyon County. Truck 83 will be “first out” on all rescue calls and commercial building fires and “second out” on city structure fires.


     Unit number 801 is a 1992 E-One telesquirt. This engine was purchased through the Federal Surplus program at a considerable savings to the District. This engine was in service with the US Navy and was located in Soto, Spain. 801 is powered by a Detroit Series 60 diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission. Firefighting capabilities include a 1250 gallon per minute pump, 1000 gallons of water and 130 gallon of class foam. Also mounted on the truck is a 55 foot hydraulic extension ladder with a remote control 2 ˝ inch nozzle mounted on the end that is capable of discharging 1250 gallon of water per minute on a fire. 801is also equipped with “TNT” high-pressure hydraulic rescue tools and assorted hand tools to handle any type of extrication or entrapment needs. This engine was purchased to replace one of the two older engines that were declared to be surplus and liquidated. With low engine hours and low mileage, it is expected to serve the District for many years.


     Unit number 805 is a 2001 BME (Boise Mobile Equipment, Boise, Idaho) pumper built on a HME chassis. This truck is powered by a 330 Cummins 6 cylinder with an Alison automatic transmission and a 1,000 gallon per minute pump. This truck has a 6 man air conditioned cab. The district paid $225,000.00 for this truck. It is the first new pumper the district has purchased since 1965. Unit 805 is our “first out” truck for all structure fires.


     Unit #825 is a 1997 3,000 gallon fire tender built by S&S Fire Apparatus of Fairmount, Indiana. It was built on a 1997 Ford Louisville chassis and is powered by a 330 Cummins engine and an Alison automatic transmission. This was the first new truck purchased by Wilder Rural Fire Protection District since 1965. Previous to the purchase of this truck, the district used 2 military surplus, Korean War era trucks with a 1,000 gallon tank on each of the trucks for tenders. These trucks were very slow, difficult to maneuver, and were not dependable.


     This is Unit #841.Up until Medic 81 was placed in service, this unit provided the EMS and rescue needs of the District. It was built by Central States Fire Apparatus, LLC of Lyons South Dakota on a 2003 Ford F-550 Super Duty, 4X4 chassis. This unit has been converted to a command/support vehicle that is able to respond and support both fire and rescue calls for service. 841 is still fully equipped for vehicle extrication including the "Jaws of Life". It was also retrofitted with compressed air foam (CAF) system which is capable of producing up to 2000 gallon of foam using only 100 gallons water, 10 gallons of foam and compressed air. We were the first volunteer organization in south west Idaho to be equipped for heavy extrication.


     Unit #861 is our light brush truck. It is equipped with a 250 gallon poly tank with a gasoline powered water pump with a foam injector mounted on a skid unit. This unit was installed by BME (Boise Mobile Equipment) of Boise, Idaho and was purchased through L.N. Curtis and Sons of Salt Lake City, Utah. The skid unit is mounted in the bed of a 2003 GMC 2500HD Duramax Diesel pickup. This unit allows us a quick response to small field fires, grass fires, car fires, and other small fires.


     Unit 862 is a heavy brush truck. The new firefighting body was custom built on a refurbished 1998 4 wheel drive International chassis, by OSCO Tank and Truck sales in Orion, IL. This truck went into service spring of 2014. It is powered by a 350hp International diesel engine with an Allison automatic transmission. It carries 1040 gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam. The remote control front bumper nozzle, two front ground sweeps and the rear hose reel are supplied by a rear mounted, 35hp, Hale water pump. This truck has excellent off-road capabilities and is able to suppress large grass, field and vehicle fires. The foam injection system almost doubles fire extinguishing capacity of the water alone. This truck is “first out’ on all large grass and field fires.


     Unit 891 is a air/rehab trailer that was put into service in the fall of 2013. It carries a “cascade” air system that is capable of refilling air bottles at the fire scene. It also has a generator that operates lighting, cooling and heating for the firefighters at incident scenes. This trailer was purchased from a private party and all of the equipment was mounted and installed by District personnel. Prior to equipping this trailer, all of the air bottles had to be taken to the station to be refilled and brought back to the scene.


     Unit Medic 81 is a Road Rescue ambulance box mounted on a low mileage, 1998 Ford F350 chassis. This vehicle was acquired in the fall of 2014 to be used in the transition of the District from non-transport to a transport provider. It was purchased used from the Eastside Fire District in Issaquah Washington and began transporting basic life support (BLS) patients in the spring of 2015. This unit is equipped with all of the medical supplies and equipment necessary to provide both transport and non-transport service to the District patron should ALS service be unavailable or not necessary.